Self-Assessment Exercise for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Program

Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP)
A project of
University Grants Commission of Bangladesh
Ministry of Education, Bangladesh


1. Preparation Phase

1.1. Formation of a Self-Assessment Unit
1.2. Formation of a Self-Assessment Committee
1.3. Preparation of the SA Committee
1.4. Designing the SA process
1.5 Appreciation workshop
1.6. Motivating stakeholders and selection of courses
1.7. Selection and appointment of external peer reviewer(s)

2. Implementation Phase

2.1 Develop questionnaire for survey and Information gathering about the courses
2.2 Compilation data of the information and analysis of survey by SPSS software
2.3. Preparation of the Internal SA Report
2.5. Presentation of the Internal SA Report
2.7. Delivery of Internal SA Report to the external peers

3. External Validation Phase

3.1. External peer visit
3.2. External SA Validation Report
3.4. Final Self-Assessment Report and Presentation
3.5. Orientations for Change Management


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