Self-Assessment Exercise for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Program

Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP)
A project of
University Grants Commission of Bangladesh
Ministry of Education, Bangladesh


Four workshops will be organized under this subprojects.The short description of the workshops are as follows:

Workshop 1

Title: Self Assessment of Engineering Program
Venue: Dept. of NAME
Date: August 26 -28,2012

Workshop Objectives:

I. Establishing NAME Department's Mission and Vision Statement
II. Establishing Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) to achieve the Mission
III. Establishing Program Outcomes (POs)
IV. Review and assessment of NAME curricula with respect to PEOs and POs


workshop 2:

Title: Workshop on Feedback Analysis from the stakeholders
Venue: Dept. of NAME
Date: Last week of May 2013 (tentative)

Workshop Objectives:

I. Selection of Assessment Tools
II. Colection and generation of data
III. Processing information/data
IV. Analyses and discussions


Workshop 3:
Title: Workshop on Evaluation of PEO
Venue: Dept. of NAME
Date: August, 2013 (tentative)

Workshop Objectives:

Evaluation of NAME Program to assess the degree of achievement of Program Educational Objectives.


Workshop 4:
Title: Workshop on Change Management based on Internal & External SA Report (tentative)
Venue: Dept. of NAME
January, 2014 (tentative)

Workshop Objectives:

Compilation of the Internal and External SA Reports into the Final SA Report
Obtaining University SA approval


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