Modernization of Naval Architecure and Marine Engineering Program at BUET

Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP)
A project of
University Grants Commission of Bangladesh
Ministry of Education, Bangladesh


a) Improving undergraduate and postgraduate teaching/learning processes through up-to-date course curricula, higher faculty competence, improved delivery and interaction, adequate attributes and better exposure to industrial practices.

b) Strengthening and upgrading the laboratory infrastructure and removing the obstacles to facilitate modern laboratory courses and undergraduate and postgraduate research projects with emphasis on emerging areas.

c) Enhancing professional development of academic and support personnel of the department by visits, workshops, seminar, conference and training and updating knowledge and IT infrastructure.

d) Improving the quality of classrooms, renovation of laboratories, library and establishing a new seminar room, a new computer laboratory, a new ship model laboratory, a new marine structure laboratory, a new ship recycling laboratory.

e) Building up a strong academic network with other national and international Universities and research organizations and promoting collaboration with local industries for their development.

f) Creating a new departmental teacher-student centre (TSC) to make interaction among teachers and students and promote existing students to co-curricular activities like design competition, poster presentation, project award etc. and attract new students in naval architecture and marine engineering program at BUET.

g) Assessment of the overall sub-project to fulfill the above mentioned objectives (a-f).


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