Summary of the activities of the sub-project

Our department (NAME)started its journey in 1971 but has not yet received sufficient fund from the university to develop its own research facilities. Specially, the department lacks structural research facilities which impede the research activities very much. As most basic equipment are not available, there remains a lack in performing experimental research activities by the teachers of the department and thus the students of the department do not get opportunities to perform advanced research. For this reason at present the enrollment in post graduate program (both M.Sc. and Ph.D.) in our department is low. This innovative sub-project is aimed at strengthening the research facilities in ship structural field.
Under this sub-project, the department will be modernized with different types of equipment which will be used in performing advanced research activities in the department. With modern equipment and facilities, the department will have an increased opportunity for conducting training and updating knowledge of the academic and support personnel of the department. This will also create social awareness on the need of skilled personnel in naval architecture and attracting more students in postgraduate level. Acceptability of the graduates to the local and foreign industries and to the top rated universities will definitely improve. There will be tremendous academic impact because not only the students of the department of our university, but in future students from other institutions having the department will benefited through knowledge sharing. Also a common research facility will be developed in the university where other related departments and research institutions can use the facility.