Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology
নৌযান ও নৌযন্ত্র কৌশল বিভাগ, বাংলাদেশ প্রকৌশল বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়

Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory

Old Academic Building, Ground Floor
In Charge
Dr. Md. Shahjada Tarafder
This lab is located on the ground floor of the Old Academic Building and dedicated to the study of all aspects of marine hydrodynamics and fluid dynamics This laboratory is fully equipped with instruments to help the students to understand the practical applications of the theories which are being taught in undergraduate courses on NAME 123 (Fluid Mechanics) and NAME 223 (Marine Hydrodynamics).
Available Equipments
  • Basic Metacentric Height Apparatus
  • Bernoulli's Theorem Demonstration Unit
  • Cavitation Demonstration Unit
  • Circular and Rectangular Basin
  • Energy Losses in Bends and Fittings Apparatus
  • Flow Visualization Channel
  • Free and Forced Vortex Apparatus
  • Hydraulic Bench Apparatus
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus
  • Impact of Jet Apparatus
  • Laminar Flow Analysis Table
  • Orifice and Venturimeter Demonstration Unit
  • Osborne Reynolds Apparatus
  • Particle Drag Coefficients Apparatus
  • Pipe Friction Apparatus
  • Pressure Measurement Bench
  • Series and Parallel Pump Test Set
  • Water Tank Unit
Experiments Conducted
  • Study of metacentric height of a floating body
  • Study of ship initial stability
  • Bernoulli's theorem
  • Study of impact of a jet
  • Determination of the location of the centre of pressure for a submerged plane surface
  • Study of losses in bends and fittings
  • To reproduce the classical experiments conducted by Professor Osborne Reynolds concerning fluid flow condition
  • Investigation on pumps operating in parallel and series configuration
  • Fluid friction in pipe
  • Determination of the natural frequency of a plate oscillating in air experimentally
  • An experimental technique for determining the coefficient of damping of a plate oscillating in calm water
  • To determine the surface profile of a free vortex
  • To determine the surface profile of a forced vortex
  • The measurement of drag coefficients of spheres over several Reynolds number
  • To demonstrate the effect of particle shape on rate of fall of a sphere and a streamlined shape in a viscous fluid
  • Visualization of flow pattern for the case of (a) Parallel flow (b) Source (c) Sink (d) Doublet
  • Visualization of flow pattern around physical models of different shapes
  • Determination of the natural frequency of oscillation of water in a rectangular basin
  • Determination of the natural frequency of water in a circular basin.