Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology
নৌযান ও নৌযন্ত্র কৌশল বিভাগ, বাংলাদেশ প্রকৌশল বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়

Simulation Lab

ME Building, 5th Floor (West Side)
In Charge
Dr. Goutam Kumar Saha

The simulation lab is located on the 5th floor of ME building (west side). A variety of simulation software like ABAQUS, ANSYS etc. are taught in this laboratory for course like NAME 352 (ship Structure sessional) with the help of modern computers, multimedia projectors and high speed internet connections and maintains a proper atmosphere to teach students extensively and to make them familiar with the importance of simulation in the Naval architecture and Marine engineering sectors. For thesis and research, the student can use the following licensed software available in the department:

1) Ship flow and ship design analysis software

2) NAPA ship design software

3) hydrodynamic and propulsion design software (NAVCAD, PROPCAD)

4)ANSYS Academic Research CFD Software

5) STAR-CCM+ CFD  Software