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The department has vision to establish itself as a centre of excellence in naval architecture and marine engineering program for producing well-qualified graduate engineers capable of meeting the challenging and ever-expanding needs of sustainable development and management of world class shipbuilding.


The mission of the department is to provide an international standard education in naval architecture and marine engineering by:

• Providing a challenging academic environment and inspiring intellectual and artistic curiosity and creativity.

• Providing high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs that prepare students for professional naval architecture and marine engineering careers in industry, academia, and Government, non-government regulatory body.

• Developing and maintaining internationally recognized research programs in selected areas of naval architecture and marine engineering.

• Actively serving the profession and the community in the areas of expertise.

• Enhancing professional development of academic and support personnel of the department by visits, workshops, seminar, conference and training and updating knowledge.

• Building up a strong academic network with other national and international Universities & research organizations and promoting collaboration with local industries for their development.

• Focusing on students, integrating them with faculty members and institutional activities to activate the learning process through a shared vision of the future.

• Generating interest in students towards public services and recognizing its role in enhancing the economic well-being of the country.

• Establishing a positive and productive working environment for the community, which values the individual; supports teamwork and cooperation; requires honesty, integrity and civility; and inspires enthusiasm and innovation.


The department is committed to the following core values:

• Quality and Excellence

• Leadership and Teamwork

• Fairness and Integrity

• Transparency and Accountability

• Respect and Responsibility

• Truth and Honesty

• Sincerity and Morality

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