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Honors and Dean’s List: Candidates for Bachelor’s degree in engineering and architecture will be awarded the degree with honors if their over all GPA is 3.75 or better.As a recognition of excellent performance , the names of students obtaining an average GPA of 3.75 or above in two regular Terms in each academic year may be published in the Dean’s List in each faculty. Students who have received F grade in any course during any of the two regular terms will not be considered for Dean’s List in that year.

University Merit Scholarship: There is 40 scholarship for Engineering Faculty and 4 for Architecture Faculty in each level. These scholarships are distributed according to the results of different term examination.Amount (in Taka) 600/- per month 750/- per year

Stipend: Almost same number of scholarships is distributed (as in the previous one) to the next students according to the merit position.Amount (in Taka) 300/- per month 375/- per year

Board and Technical Scholarship: Almost every student is able to get Board/Technical Scholarship.Amount (in Taka) 550/- per month 1000/- per year

(For Board Talent-pool)Amount (in Taka) 250/- per month 250/- per year

In addition to the above mentioned scholarships there are a number of Scholarship / Gold medal from different Trust/Fund which are distributed to the students according to the rules and regulation of that scholarship.